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Full Systems:
This is a complete exhaust system, exiting from the engine up to and including the silencer. This is useful when you standard system has corroded or if you are looking to produce maximum power from your bike. Replacement down pipes are usually made of stainless steel; they are much lighter than the originals, less restrictive and increase overall performance.
Slip-on Silencers:
A replacement silencer gives modest power gains and can significantly reduce exhaust system weight. The slip-ons will give your motorcycle the look of a complete system. If your motorcycle requires a slip-on exhaust, it will be supplied with an inclusive link-up pipe.
This is the easier option. Changing your silencer will improve both your bikes looks and sound with the added bonus of increased power.
Bolt-on Silencers:
Easy muffler replacement is a simple option for added horsepower. A bolt-on system bolts directly to the muffler flange of the stock exhaust system tail pipe, normally by a CNC-machined aluminium adaptor.
A vast array of silencer shapes, finishes and sounds are available, find out more on the next page.
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